Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Futility of the 'News'

Today the Stig was unveiled on newswires due to a courtcase between BBC and a publishing company, in connection with Ben Collins revealing himself as the Stig.

There is something all too depressing about the all too depressing need for all too depressing news. There is zero value in revealing this to the world. Zero.

It is merely everyone being bad sports. But this is nothing new.

Look at the coverage of the Most Evil Irishman Ever, Stephen Ireland. Every week there are reports of his current stance on the Ireland squad. Usually 2/3 pages per paper, per week, are dedicated to this lad and why it's a moral sin that he doesn't want to wear a green t-shirt and boot a ball around with players he probably doesn't like.

People on the street complain about why he's always banging on about not playing, he should 'just shut up', the public are 'sick of it'.

Wrong, the public are not sick of Stephen Ireland, they are merely mis-informed. What they are, or should be, sick of, is the relentless coverage this gets. This is not 'just reporting the news' as Editors no doubt claim, this is 'making' news, needlessly, with zero public gain. Again, zero. The lad is asked questions, dozens a day, if he answers one in a hundred, it is printed, reprinted, re-edited and re-analysed so much so that it almost looks like he rings up newspapers for a lil chat.


Take a step back, and realise who you should really be sick of...

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