Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Yesterday's news and net was dominated with Brian Cowen's performance - or lack thereof - on Morning Ireland just before 9am. Critics said he was under the influence, defendants said it's a medical condition. Either way, people missed the point.

If (a) he was drunk, he did quite a good job answering questions as he does when sober. Reeling of never ending sentences which covered all bland aspects of all bland answers, Cowen committed to nothing other than vocalising what none of us were thinking. If (b) it's a medical condition, then, again, he did a grand job.

This is highlighting the lack of substance in a man who leads this country, of that I am happy, but it is taking a while for people to realise this. The public can't wash their hands of this at all.

FF are doomed we are told, they haven't a chance in the next elections. They will be wiped out as someone, anyone, else takes the hot-seat. But we've been here before...and people have voted in FF in worrying times before.

Bertie Ahern was on the receiving end of a spanking in a much covered tribunal during the last General Election, yet FF support held out well. Imminently there were critics of the government, of the man, of the party.

Then, along with the global recession, came Bertie's resignation, corporate and state funded scandals, and doom and misery for the public. Michael Foley spoke on Newstalk today about how ridiculous the jargon from politicians is, FF in particular, as they say nothing and expect respect for that. So people should rise up, things should change, yea?

'Immediate General Election'? No.

Why do people deserve another chance to make a mistake. I am not a FF voter, not one bit, but I fully respect the rules. If they are voted in, they stay in. We can't just boot them because we listen to a different news source, or even listen to any news source. Their reign serves as an example of the ridiculous voting in Ireland.

Idiots run this country because idiots voted them in. And vote them in. The scandals that have followed FF, at the highest levels, have all added to their charm amongst the public. Charlie Haughey, what a man, helping out the resistance. Bertie, sure he's a nice guy who was going through tough times, Cowen, sure who can't enjoy a drink.

People are missing the point.  It's not Fianna Fail's fault, it's the electorate's.

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