Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Book Burnin' Boyos

Alot has been written this week about 'dem der christians burning the sacred, holy, beautiful, fantastic, hallowed....infamous Qur'an.

It seems to be a general consensus that these Americanised Christians are making a mistake. One might argue, 'they are not allowed to do something so aggressive, disgusting, morbid and - excuse the pun - inflammatory'.

The general consensus is both right and wrong. It's right in that this is an inflamed atmosphere...and that's just talking about the non-event. But also, and importantly, it is wrong because these Americans can burn the books if they want.

There is no logic behind banning the burning of materials, assuming the correct license and permission is granted by whoever the local authority is and assuming the actual burning of the books doesn't cause direct harm on the community. (I mean 'harm' as in direct fire, fumes, gasses etc)

To stop them doing this, pandering to the worries and fear of a united Islamic world rising up aghast at Americas sinning, is stupid. It is a book, made of man-made materials, written by man, recounted by man and dreamt up by man. Burn it, it doesn't matter.

The only problem I have with this though, is it gives the idiotic Christians in question a 'victory' in their 'struggle' against Islam. Of that I almost can't bear. They are idiots. I would champion their right to do this, but their intentions are so ridiculous that I can't bring myself to type the words just yet.

Why on earth they'd spend their evening burning books is beyond me - they are obviously mental. Why they are seeking fame in this activity is also beyond me. If this is righteous and in Gods will, then shut the fuck up and do it on the quiet. He's still watching, isn't he?

Personally I'm a football fan. I love the game, the rules, the players, everything. I support a team in one area of the world, elsewhere the rules are adhered to mildly differently and fans like that way just as much as I mine. I watch enough football, or even sport for that matter, to fill many a session in mass.

But, if a bunch of sheep listened to a dick in a black robe say burn the basic rules to football, or the olympic games registration rulebook, I wouldn't give a shit. I'd think they're mental, sure, but I wouldn't give a shit. It wouldn't change the rules...

Leave them too it, while they spend their time doing this for the greater good, I know deep down that I am furthering my species through basic socialising and activities while they regress and listen to all the answers to all the hard questions come from a convenient, idiotic, boring and very haphazard series of accounts from two millenia ago.

The argument on the radio waves over here in Ireland boils down to 'texters' complaining about pundits lack of knowledge of the Qur-an when treating this topic. While occassionally relevant, this point is mute right now. The knowledge of that book is irrelevant in this situation. For those who think it's a blood curdling account of Arabian butchery of Christians, you are wrong. For anyone saying it is the most beautiful thing ever written, you are also wrong. (Paul McGrath's autobiography wins that contest hands down). It. Is. A. Book.

Ugh, I'm going to say it. The American Christians are right. They are muppets for even considering this, but once they got the fame they were never going to back down now were they.

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