Thursday, August 26, 2010

Start the ball rolling...

There's something altogether uncomfortable about listening to reviews and social commentary.

There's always the underlying feeling that these people are full of tripe. If a film review is opposing your thoughts, you think the person is wrong. If the offerer of their knowledge has some crazy view on drug use, or hoodies, or WAGS - which you disagree with - you think they are fools. 'How did they get that job?' you wonder.

But why does that job exist?

By the time people are invited to share their opinions, it is too late. They are prejudiced beyond belief. Brought up in an upper-class area perhaps, never had to work with junkies perhaps, never taken part in a decent level of sport, travelled to acute areas...all these things prejudice views which cannot be complained about, merely pointed out.

I don't know the value in these radio/tv shows/newspaper columns, but in doing a Blog I'm engaging in that very thing.

Ah well....

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